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About Howard Shulman

About Howard Shulman

  • Professional Baseball Player - Baltimore Orioles Organization.
  • V.P. Manager of  McGavren – Guild Radio Inc.  Manager of their Philadelphia Office.
  • Manager of WPTR Radio, a 50,000 watt facility in northeastern New York.
  • Owner, President and General Manager of WTXL Radio in Springfield, MA.
  • On The Air – Television Syndication.
  • Licensed over 120 hours of television programming to free and cable networks.

 Howard S. Shulman Productions, Inc.

“Singing Positive” - Primetime Hour
Submitted to the Academy Award Committee by Home Box Office.

Licensed by Sheila Nevins of Home Box Office.  Scheduled in Primetime on Cinemax to rave reviews.

Follows four members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus for six (6) months.
SFGM, the first self-proclaimed gay chorus in America, has lost over 1/3 of its chorus members to HIV Positive.   Co-produced by CAPA News Agency and French Public TV Antenne 2.  Awarded the FIPA’d’ or (Festival International of Productional  Audiovisuelles in 1992

“Katie & Eilish: Siamese Twins” - 1 Hour Primetime/ Narrated by Julie Christie 
  (George Foster Peabody Award)

Profiles Katie and Eilish Horton; Siamese Twins born in Dublin.  This magnificent story considers the “agonizing dilemma” the Horton’s faced over having Katie and Eilish surgically separated.   Produced by Yorkshire Television, broke Rating and Share Records on “First Tuesday” in England and 20/20 ABC News Network; also seen on Discovery Channel.  Katie and Eilish received the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award.

“For Years to Come” – One half-hour Special
An Emmy-Award nominated documentary

Documentary that clarified the complex world of high technology in the automobile industry.  Produced by Academy Award Producer Konstantin Kalser (Marathon International Productions) for Lee Iacocca, President & CEO of Chrysler Corporation. 

Howard Shulman was a consultant to Mr. Kalser; he conceived the concept and he syndicated “For Years To Come” to Network, Independent and Cable Stations.  It was syndicated  to 85% of the U.S. Television Households.

“Days of Majesty” Two-Hours  Primetime

This film marks the 40th anniversary of the greatest of all Royal Ceremonies, the Coronation.  Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation was one of the most spectacular in history.  Produced by Yorkshire Television and Televised in Primetime on the PBS Network. 

“World Cup Fever “– One half-hour

Its fans that turn soccer into great theatre.  Players might be highly paid professionals, but they play for their fans and in return receive the commitment of the fans until fans unite them as one with the team.

The sports division of Yorkshire TV provided Howard with Soccer footage and he licensed the “opening footage” which ESPN used to promote  the 1994 World Cup.

“Following the Tundra Wolf” –   45 minutes/ Narrated by Robert Redford

Following the Tundra Wolf provides a portrait of an extraordinary predator-prey relationship in one of the continent’s few remaining great wilderness areas so far not irreversibly altered by technology.   Produced by Peace River Films; licensed to Arts & Entertainment Network.  Peter Honess was nominated for an ACE Eddie Award for documentary editing for “Following the Tundra Wolf.” In addition, a BAFTA Award for Best Editing.


Current Slate

Howard is now targeting a broad audience via theatrical films. He searched the marketplace for stories with "audience power," and selected four screenplays. Utilizing his intuition and knowledge of demographics, he identified "elements" in three of these screenplays comparable with highly successful contemporary films with world-wide distribution and optioned the screenplays. The same process is taking place with the fourth. All four films will appeal strongly to young adults, and three (3) of the four (4) are low budget films.

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