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Undercover Patriot
Action / Adventure
(A fiction based on Deborah Sampson)

A Finalist at Sundance


Undercover Patriot
Artwork by Salvatore Tagliarino

Out of four hundred submissions to the Independent Feature Program, this screenplay was a Finalist submitted in draft, under the title “Deborah: the Adventures of a Soldier”

Coming of Age film! Exceptional Part for an Ingenue
(Low Budget Guerrilla Action)

To find her M.I.A. love, a girl breaks the law: passing as a man, DEB joins the Continental Army, proves a crack shot, but has to fight off eager females who hit on this pretty “boy”.

Deb’s capers are wild, but when she’s shot in a midnight raid, she begs to be left to die so as not to be found female by the maverick Sergeant TOM she’s fallen for.

Keeping her thigh wound secret, Deb survives, leads a daring attack, winds up a decorated hero. Only when she’s near death from fever does a shocked physician uncover her breasts, and find this young hero a woman…at war with her heart.

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