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The Secret Ship
Action Adventure & Romance
(Mid-Low Budget)


The Secret Ship Screenplay
Photo by Paul Mila

Screenplay Sample

Vivacious RAYE makes a deal with the devil when gorgeous billionaire, LARS, with MIKE, a sexy pirate she hates, leads her search for a sacred wreck she must protect from these powerful men she desires.

On Lars’ yacht with a superstitious Greek family crew, they find erotic rivalry, thrilling discovery, storm, fire, betrayal and disaster at sea before the surviving two sail for the sunset.

With “elements” of lost treasure, sea adventure and intense romance combined in one small yacht THE SECRET SHIP’s entertainment “bang for the buck” is phenomenal – revenue ratio, when budget is a fraction of comparables like The Perfect Storm, The Da Vinci Code and Poseidon, is likely to be colossal:

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